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Factions Spawn was claimed today! Oh yea and duels working!
SupaYoshi Admin Builders / Creators
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Discord: SupaYoshi#0001
over 3 years ago

Today, some Minecraft players accomplished a remarkable feat by climbing to the top of the Factions spawn world. After numerous attempts and showcasing extreme parkour skills, they successfully reached the pinnacle of the Faction Spawn in a way that's hard to believe. Has anyone else ever managed to conquer the Faction spawn like this? We'd love to hear about it!

Here are the names of the players who achieved this:

  • tommybms
  • B_ExponentOdin64
  • ftbg
  • B_DataMonkeyNL
  • B_GamingAdagio

That's all for today's update. Also, has everyone tried the new duels feature yet? Just type /duel playername (with the command highlighted in black with white text for emphasis) and give it a go!

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tommybms Member
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over 3 years ago

Indeed, it sounds like an incredible and impressive climb!

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