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Technical information

First we would like to thank you for your interest in our server, and it's hardware. We are doing our best to make the greatest Minecraft Faction Server known in the Minecraft World. However we are only a small startup today!

We currently run our server on the following hardware, 

AMD Ryzen 3950X processor
1TB SSD with 24TB storage
Debian 9 Linux Distro
Java 11

In front of our server we run a gateway which ensures you of the best connection, all around the globe.
In the near future we have plans to launch different faction servers,  in different regions of the planet Earth to give you the lowest latency.
- Currently our server is located in the Netherlands, Amsterdam.
- We have plans to launch a US based Faction server at the end of the year, next year. (pref. a US West and US East server)
- We have plans to launch a UK based Faction server, and a South European server too.