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News United Factions 1.18.1 released
Started by SupaYoshi



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26 Mar 2020
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28 Aug 2023

Hi guys I am proud to announce that SIrMario1 and the team has done it! 1.18.1 has just been released, and the action is on!

New Minecraft Factions Spawn

Some of the new features include:

  • New 1.18 world and map will be open tomorrow for all players at 6 PM, CET
  • New spawn has been created
  • Highways extending up to 4500 blocks out from 0,0
  • Economy rebalanced, prices of netherite and diamonds increased
  • Everything has been reset
  • New Questing system for dungeons has been added, more content can be found in this section
  • Old /spawn has been converted to a hub/lobby and can be accessed using /lobby
  • Players will now spawn in the new /spawn on join, no longer in tutorial section (tutorial section is still available through /tutorial and the new introduction book)
  • Book with server introduction on join
  • Factions plugin walkthrough guide book
  • Economy walkthrough guide book
  • Voting rewards have been changed to money and up to ($10.000) can be earned each day by voting
  • Various NPC's added to /spawn with quick menu access

Things being worked on:

  • Personal mounts purchasable at stable masters
  • Highway guards
  • Warzone Towers
  • Armory NPC
  • Mini-Game Server: SkyBlock
  • MiniGame Server: Tower Defense
  • Mini-Game Server: PartyGames
  • Spectator mode for old factions map
  • Bedrock player compatibility workarounds with the inventory menus, first-join book and clickable URL's from books



HI everyone! Pleasse help me to grow United Factions to the best Minecraft faction server ever! If you don't play, please subscribe and like our server.

SupaYoshi · about 1 year ago · Last edited: about 1 year ago