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News Internet downtime, server downtime
SupaYoshi Admin Builders / Creators
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Discord: SupaYoshi#0001
over 2 years ago

Due to a fiber optic cable being accidentally damaged during renovations on a nearby bridge, our server has been offline for over 24 hours, marking the first such occurrence since our relaunch. We're eagerly waiting for the internet connection to be restored by the diligent contractors, and as soon as it is, you'll all be able to log in again!

Here's a recent update from our ISP:

Update #3: 29-01-2022 09:15: The contractor is doing their utmost best. There's a cable breakdown near a bridge, complicating the repair process. We're now considering the possibility that the resolution may extend beyond the weekend.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unexpected downtime and are looking forward to getting back online as soon as possible!


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frer44 Member
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5 months ago

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