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over 2 years ago
Goomental and TheDarkBH raid Panic

Raiding Panic


Missed the beginning of the raid on the bottom portion of the base, but was still able to record some of it at least.

over 2 years ago
Goomental Raids OrderOfCactus

Us raiding OrderOfCactus! Enjoy =)


over 2 years ago
Goomental Raids Hyrule

Goomental raids Hyrule

over 2 years ago
Player Heads

It would be cool if you players would have a percentage chance to drop their player heads when they are killed. That way factions can collect the heads of people they have killed and use them to decorate their base.


over 2 years ago
Allow faction commands in the Spawn world/combine the two worlds


My suggestion is to allow players to either use faction commands in the Spawn/Shop world, or to simply combine the two worlds together. As it stands it can be a bit annoying when I am in the shop world and can't use any of my /f warp commands for example.



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