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Player Market

On United Factions there is a player market available. On this market you can publish and buy items, blocks and equipment from and to other players. The following command are available when you are present on the faction server.

Browsing the Player Market

To browse the player market, simply type the command:

/market search

Publishing Items

To publish items on the market, hold the item you want to sell in your hand and type:

/market sell {price}

A total of 10 listings can be made per player.

Opening your dashboard

To open your dashboard type:

/market my

about 1 year ago
Chat Item Display

It is possible to display the current item you're holding to other players in the server using the chat item display plugin. To use it, simply type: /displayitem whilst holding an item in your hand.


chat item display example


about 1 year ago

What are wars

Wars are a feature that allows your faction or nation to go into battle against another faction or nation. Wars provide a way to drain your enemy's wealth and thus removing their ability to upkeep their claims.

1. Declare War

To declare war against your enemy, simply execute /wars declare 

Now a menu will open which asks you about setting a tribute. This tribute will be payed by the enemy (defender) in case they surrender later.

After you clicked on the send button, the enemy will receive your war declaration with information, like when the war starts and which tribute you set in case they want to surrender.

2. War Preparation Time

After the declaration is sent, the war preparation time starts. During this time the defender has time to prepare for the upcoming fight. All players of both factions/nations will get a notification periodically. By executing /Wars info or /Wars menu you can get information about the upcoming war.

The preparation time for a war is 48 hours.

3. The War starts

When the war preparation time is over all players of both factions/nations are able to fight against their enemy. By executing /Wars info or /Wars menu you can get information about the current war.

4. During the War

During the war time you are able to invade the enemies territory and steal items from their containers. You can also place down and break the following blocks:

- Ladders
- Vines
- Scaffolding
- Powered rails
- Detector rails
- Rails
- Activator rails
- Pistons
- Sticky pistons

The following things are also allowed during a war:

- Interact with containers (open chests/shulkers etc.)
- Interact with doors/trapdoors
- Interact with buttons/levers/pressureplaters
- Ignite blocks with flint and steel

The war lasts a total of 3 hours. Unless surrendered earlier than that.

5. The War is over

When the war is over, the faction/nation that has gotten the most kills wins. The winner will be rewarded with a robbery money amount with is taken from the defenders balance. If both teams have the same amount of kills, the war will end in a draw and no team will be rewarded.

If the war is surrendered, a war shield of 2 days will be put in place for the defending faction/nation, meaning that for 2 days straight, they can no longer be involved in a war.

If the war is over, without surrendering, the defending faction/nation will get a war shield of 4 days.

6. Tips for attacking in a war

When attacking in a war, you can blow up your enemies walls by building scaffolding paths to them and laying rails on top of those. Then you can bring minecarts with TNT into the enemies territory to blow them up. You can also place down ladders against walls and climb buildings this way.

about 1 year ago
Rent - Sell System

With factions it is possible to set sub areas available for rent by your members. It's also possible to sell sub areas. To do both of this, you'll first have to set-up an area, learn more about how to do this at: Area Tutorial.

Rent Sign

Once you've set up an area, you can place a sign inside of the area specifying the rental information. The lines to put on the sign are:

Line 1: factions
Line 2: rent
Line 3: {rental interval} {max time}
Line 4: {cost per interval}


rent sign


  • The sign accepts the following units: d = day(s) h = hour(s), m = minute(s)
  • You can only set sub areas for rent. The default area can only be set for sale (= selling the whole land; more information below)

Once the sign has been setup:

  • The rent sign is setup and players can now access it.

    • To rent this area, just click on the sign.
    • To add more time to your rental, just click again on the sign.
  • Cancel rental

    • Tenants can use /f rent cancel to cancel their rental while standing inside the area.
  • Remove the rental

    • As the area owner you can either remove the sign or execute /Lands rent remove while standing inside the area.

Sell Sign

Besides renting areas, you can also sell the area to a member. This makes it a one time purchase instead of a recurring one. The lines to put on a sell sign are:

1. factions
2. sell
3. {price}

sell sign



  • The sell sign is setup and players can now access it.

    • To buy this area, just click on the sign.
  • Cancel ownership

    • Tenants can use /f rent cancel to cancel their ownership while standing inside the area.
  • Remove the sale

    • As the area owner you can either remove the sign or execute /f rent remove while standing inside the area.

Browse Listings

Use /f rentlist to view all areas and factions that can be rented or bought. There you can also filter and sort these offers.

about 1 year ago
How to connect with consoles? (Xbox, Ps4, Nintendo Switch)

Using Geyser with Consoles

All consoles can join third-party servers - including Geyser servers - with workarounds. Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 systems can join third-party servers using a third-party program called BedrockConnect. For technical information about the program, including how to run your own setup, see their GitHub repository (This program is not affiliated with GeyserMC). Other methods are also available for use.

NOTE: The main IP used for BedrockConnect is often blocked on consoles, if you run into issues with internet connection or joining servers after changing your DNS, consider using either one of the other BedrockConnect servers on the BedrockConnect Github Page, or the Public GeyserConnect which allows connecting to both Java and Bedrock servers.

Xbox One

Follow video tutorial:

Nintendo Switch

Follow video tutorial:

PlayStation 4

  1. Go to your PS4 Home screen.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to Network.
  4. Select Set Up Internet connection.
  5. If you are using wired internet, select "Use LAN Cable", otherwise choose "Use Wi-Fi".
  6. Select the Custom network creation mode.
  7. Select Automatic IP Address.
  8. For DHCP Host Name, make sure you select Do Not Specify.
  9. Under DNS Settings, select Manual.
  10. Enter the BedrockConnect IP for the preferred Primary DNS (Multiple options depending on region can be found on the BedrockConnect Github Page) and something like Google or Cloudfare's IP for the Secondary DNS ( or

Source / find out more information:



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